Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Little time, Little Post

Just a quickie today - might even be bullet points.
* Sam and Maria have started calling Gloria (our bunny) 'the poor rabbit' or the 'poor little bunny', because that's what I call her! It's so funny. They say "Mum, can we go outside and see the poor rabbit?" or "Can we go and hold poor little rabbit?" They are not the most gentle kids with it, and so I'm always saying "Put her down!! It hurts her if you hold her by the tail/ear/foot! She's not a hat/shoe/belt etc! The poor rabbit!"
* There is a broken car up on bricks down the road from us, and we have to pull over and see it every time we pass in the car, and have long and involved conversations with it if we pass it on the way to the park. There is now a blue car that parks next to it sometimes, and out of the blue Sam has named it Matthew. So we have to go and see the broken car and Matthew.
* Bekah is almost crawling - she gets up on all fours and is doing the rock, so any day now we will have a mobile little mink! Then we'll know we're alive. She already moves a bit by shuffling - today I put her in the playroom while I vacuumed around her and she managed to end up under the kid's table gnawing on the chair leg.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Another Day, Another Blog!

Back again! A few more stories - tonight I'll focus on Sam.

Samuel is the most cheekiest, funniest, loveliest boy ever. He is a handful; never a day goes by without a 'Sam' incident. Tonight he has gone to bed without his Lightning McQueen (he's lost it again) but with a toy hack saw.

Keeping pants on Sam is also an achievement. He is all fully clothed, shoes and all, and the next time you look over he has stripped off his pants and is mooning some poor innocent bystander. Luckily in public I usually catch him before he bares all. He is pretty much toilet trained, however he prefers to wizzie the naturally - the mulch in the front garden seems to be his favourite place. Gives new meaning to free range parenting - Uncle Rowdy would be impressed.

He also loves our new pet, however he has been banned from picking Gloria up after I caught him handing her to Maria by the ear.

We like to play 'I-Spy' in the car - it has taken a bit of time for us to get the hang of. Maria used to say "I spy with my little eye, something beginning with p-p-p-p-p...FENCE!" We also always specify if it is inside the car or outside the car, as they would pick things that fly by the window and confuse everyone. The other day I was brushing my teeth and Sammy comes in and says in one breath, "I spy with my little eye, something that Is it inside the car or outside the car?Its outside the car. I know it's Lightning McQueen!"

There is more to say, but I think its time for sleep!! Have some lovely photos to post when I get a chance. Will try for tomorrow.

...just a side note, Bekah is started saying 'mum mum mum' today!!!!! So proud!
*hi pa :)*